Natural farming, childrearing and homeopathy are the three universal truths that Mom NatuRa lives by. They form our cosmic trilogy.

The plants used in Mom NatuRa’s food products are grown naturally, without fertilisers or pesticides. This means they are 100% natural with undiluted plant power, not bulked out by any kind of chemical or organic fertiliser that will impair their taste or potency. They are packed with maximum nutrition and they break down at a slower rate than other organic vegetables.

Komang is our Balinese supplier, growing our okra, basil, chill, turmeric, banana, papaya, lemongrass, mimosa, mangosteen and cacao on his natural farms in Mas (Ubud) and Singaraja. Any ingredients not supplied through his natural farms are locally sourced, certified organic and non-GMO.

Our naturally-grown moroheiya, salad leaves & eggplant

What is Natural Farming?

‘Natural farming’ is minimal intervention in the plant’s growth, to respect as must as possible their natural growth. Just observe and give your hand a little, to keep their life gently. As with children, give them space and shelter when they are small and vulnerable. Ensure their basic needs, of water and sunshine.

We don’t use fertiliser – even the organic kind. Organic fertilisers ruin vegetables, you’ll notice that they rot easily. Some say its due to the hot weather, but our salad leaves don’t go rotten even in this climate, because they are natural. They know how to be healthy, how to survive longer. They can last 10 days in the refrigerator keeping the same quality, and are still fresh after one week. The difference is the fertiliser, because it dilutes the vegetable. The natural tomato is 100% vegetable. The one grown with organic fertiliser is bigger, but its 50% fertiliser.

Also, we do not use pesticides. Weeds and insects are valuable to us because they help. They are a part of nature and each insect has a particular job. You can’t ignore or kill them. If sometimes a particular one population explodes, that’s because you’ve cut all the weeds, or the soil is out of balance. But if you maintain the nature as much as possible, you don’t have to worry about it. We need butterflies, we need grasshoppers – even the ants! We cannot kick them out. Sometimes we need to take care of the seeds when they are small, to protect them from the ants with water, and ask the ants not to eat our plants. But even if they do, that is ok. Nature has given us this land to grown, and it’s only right that we share back with Nature and its creatures.

We find that farming in this way gives us a plentiful harvest, and plants that are smaller and purer in their flavour and nutritional power.

This is life on the farm in Mas

… and in Singaraja