WHAT WE MAKE (and why you should eat it!)

Nurturing natural power is at the heart of Mom’s philosophy, so we make vegan foods that give a potent health injection as well as a rich, unique taste. Eat well and you can prevent disease, and realise your full potential. We use as many naturally-grown, organic and locally-produced ingredients as possible, keeping our food production in ecological balance.


Making miso by hand, in the authentic Japanese way

Many of the foods we make are fermented with koji bacteria. This process produces bacteria and enzymes that stimulate, strengthen and clean your digestive and immune systems, acids that nourish the skin and detox the body. All of our miso and shiokoji products involve fermentation, and we also saccharize rice to make a naturally sweet, sugar-free amazake.




Mimosa Leaf Tea – natural & wild

Miso soup and tea are staples at the farmhouse. We use a mixture of wild, naturally-growing herbs and leaves that feature in Ayurvedic medicine, offering you a great taste and wide range of health benefits.





Raw Cacao Powder – organic & natural

A very basic thing is getting good quality food at source. We grow our own food where possible, so we can rely on it and know what’s gone into it. As well as vegetables and fruit from our natural farms in Mas and Singaraja, we sell pure, unadulterated Himalayan pink Rocksalt, natural Virgin Coconut Oil and Raw Cacao.