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Komang & Mom – Health Otaku!

MYUMI (a.k.a. ‘MOM’) was born in the Chiba prefecture near Tokyo. She’s lived in all kinds of environments – the quick pulse of the Japanese capital, farmland on the slopes of Mount Fuji, the humble and joyful rural community on Okiniwa island, and the lush lands of Bali.

She has worked many kinds of jobs and run a variety of businesses in her search for her life’s calling. Aged 22, she opened her own bar and restaurant in Tokyo. Her after-school english club turned into an alternative english language school. A life-long lover of textiles, she was inspired by the night markets of Chenmai and found a weaving factory making clothes from simple, elegant fibres. She used these fabrics to redesign her own clothes and opened a boutique. She worked as a translator in Malaysia and was offered a position as editor for a business news publication.

Through all of these experiences, she found herself drawn to the top of the business but wrestled with responsibility for work that, she knew, was not her calling. By the age of 31 she was questioning her mission, and looking for something that felt more important. The urge to become a mother was growing strongly – was she to become a ‘mother’ to the people, or a mother to one child? From here grew her philosophy about how a natural life and an approach to food, childbearing and the natural world, is all connected.

A Thai friend gave her a magazine with some beautiful illustrations, featuring an article about a special natural diet. Radically different from mainstream Japanese culture (no rice, vinegar or alcohol) she started experimenting with her diet and found a drastic change in her health and feeling. She felt clean, purged and could work for hours with full energy and power.

Soon after this she fell pregnant with her first son, and began training as a homeopath. After the birth of her second son, she began farming, to provide her family with the best quality natural food.

The Fukushima accident in 2011 forced her to evacuate her family to Bali. Soon she met Komang, another health ‘otaku’ who had been studying health and wellbeing since a child.

“I was looking for the truth, and natural farming is one of the truths of this universe, along with childrearing and homeopathy. Those things form my cosmic trilogy. I can’t stop these things because they are the truths of my life, and I cannot live without them. I just want to follow the way of the truth. For me, it’s very basic to grow the food we have, and eat. I want to grown all we need, if I can.”

KOMANG is Balinese, from a family of farmers in the Singaraja mountains. He went to Japan in 2003 for a life experience and to improve his fortune. He worked across many kinds of farms that used chemicals and Monsanto seeds. He learnt about splicing fruits. He also changed his lifestyle and diet, becoming more eco-conscious and vegan. He began to become interested in the natural way, and after eating natural vegetables for 4 months, found that he never became sick.

He returned to Bali in 2011 after the Fukushima disaster. Starting from scratch, he bought a car and did some transport work for his cousin’s boss, who owned some disused farm land in Mas village, near Ubud. That landowner offered Komang the land that was to become the Mom NatuRa farm, which he’s been developing for the last 4 years.

In 2012 he met Mom, who had years of experience in natural permaculture. She understood the reality of natural farming – that it needed a lot more time to wait for the land to improve. It’s taken 4 years to fully purge the soil of fertiliser at the Mas farm. For the first 3 years they tried all kind of vegetables, but they didn’t grow so well. But in the fourth year, their salad bloomed. No insects came. They knew the soil was now good, but really it takes 10-11 years for truly enriched soil and fast growing plants.

Disappointed with the Balinese rice quality, his dream to make the highest quality, organic, local rice.